Hello all, I’m new to the blog

I just stumbled upon this blog and have found it interesting with very good info, i belonged to another group, but with no activity or good info.

well, i of course am in debt to and feel like a failure. last year i was completely out of debt and it felt good, i remember being stress free and able to breath, but what makes us go right back out and do it again is beyond me.

My credit cards are all current, but Bank of America just raised my Apr and charging me a 37.89 finance charge, this is going to ruin me, i am not paying this, i refuse. i have talked with them and cannot get direct answers on where there getting 38.00 in finance charges on 16.99%.
i am unemployed at the moment but i am married and my hubby is retired with a not so good income.

38% is ridiculous.

My health insurance just went up 34% to over $500 a month. Even though it’s insurance other than credit card, I found I can make an appeal on this here in California.

It would be great if the more knowledgeable members could address what exactly usury is as that is what Rebecca’s rate sounds like to me.

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